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Trish Johnson

28 times Tour Winner and Former European number two

"I haven't come across anything like this and I am proud to be associated with an event that gives competitors so much for so little. It is the best format you can get for club golfers." "The better-ball Stableford format allows for people to play a few bad holes and not to feel they have let their partner down too much. Nobody is going to feel too bad."      

Christy O'Connor Jnr

European hero of the 1989 Ryder Cup at The Belfry

"This is going back to the old way of golf. Wonderful! What I like about it is not just the low entry fee, but also having the three different formats: men's, ladies' and mixed - all in one competition. There is also the fun aspect."    

John Daly

Former Open champion

"I had heard rumours about the International Pairs competition and thought 'wow what a great idea'." "Now I have seen it in action I think it is without doubt the best competition for amateur club golfers around." "I can't believe there is a golf club in the country that would not want to give its members a chance to take part in this great competition." "It is so easy to enter, such good value for money, and offers such a tremendous chance for people to experience competitive golf at the very highest level. I'm not surprised it is being launched in the States and being heralded as the biggest amateur golf competition in the world."

Alistair McCoist

(Former professional footballer & TV pundit) 15 Handicapper

“I gave up playing football four to five years ago and thought my days of competitive team sport were over……but thanks to the TransAtlantic Team Challenge I’ve been given another chance!” “I’ve enjoyed it as much as anything I have ever done throughout my whole career”    

Sam Torrance

Winning European Ryder Cup Captain

"Everybody concerned with this event, including all the sponsors, and all the participants are striving to make this tournament a global success. I am sure it will live up to its billing as the biggest competition for club golfers in the world."    

International Pairs Final

Harry Coe

Longcliffe GC. Half of English National Champions 2009

“A well organised, fun event for all handicappers”        

Lewis Campbell

Louth GC

“Awesome experience, would love to do it again. Best play well next year to come again!”      

Nick Haigh

Old Thons GC

“Very exciting, to reach the English Final is a real honour and I shall be spreading the word.”    

Gary Ferrar

Greetham Valley GC

“Really enjoyed the experience, good courses, met good people.”    

International Pairs Regional Finals

Joesph Ball

Headley GC

“Got to play on a great course, great experience for average golfers.”

Richard Fisher

Ormonde Fields GC

“The International Pairs competition enables the club golfer to experience a professional’s lifestyle for a weekend.”

Craig Gibbon

Laceby Manor GC

“I found the competition fantastic. The format was excellent, really well run and staff brilliant. Overall fantastic.”

T. Jones

Sitwell Park GC

“I could not have enjoyed anything better.”

Chris Matthews

Cottingham Parks GC

“Thanks for providing a wonderful opportunity to a couple of old time golfers.”

Ross Turner

Aldenham GC

“Great 2 days out, lovely golf, lovely company and organised very well. I’d definitely love to do it again.”      

Dean McNamara

Les Ormes GC

“A fantastic opportunity to play golf in a prestigious amateur event.”        

Pete Horwat

Broome Manor GC

“A fantastic experience which every club golfer should aspire to play in.”          

Michael Breeze

Cottrell Park GC

“We made some great friends; thoroughly enjoyed the course and the organisers were welcoming and friendly. See you next year!”            

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